Closed Call For Your MSCA Story


For the upcoming MSCA Conference 2021, on 15-16 November 2021, the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU wishes to include former and current MSCA fellows, representatives of the host institutions, Member States and especially Widening countries, in the preparation and promotion of the Conference.
The Conference will focus on (un)balanced mobility flows and the reintegration of researchers, taking into consideration the increased research and innovation gap within the EU. The Conference will address the challenge of return migration and the reintegration processes of MSCA researchers after the completion of their scholarships to their home countries. These issues are challenges to multidimensional intra-European mobility flows of researchers. MSCA researchers will be on centre stage as the Conference intends to highlight their importance to the future prosperity of the EU and its Members States.
The only way to address unbalanced mobility flows adequately and sufficiently within the EU is through direct involvement of MSCA fellows and stakeholders.


We’re keen to hear your experience. Therefore we invite you, MSCA former and current fellows and stakeholders, to share your story of migration flow to your host country and the relationship you have with your home country.
We want to hear about your personal story.
We therefore welcome written stories from former and current MSCA fellows through the lens of the following questions:

1. Why did you decide to apply for the MSCA fellowship?
2. How is/was your experience abroad and what differences did you notice compared to your home country (working conditions, salary, research infrastructure, etc.)?
3. Are you planning on going back after your fellowship? Did your return after your fellowship?
4. What would/did convince you to come back and work in your home country?
5. What would you recommend to foster balanced mobility flows in Europe?

We would also like to ask stakeholders to send us your story about the importance of MSCA fellows to you. How have they aided the implementation of your national or institutional research strategy? What activities or measures do you have in place to help your MSCA fellows return home at the end of their fellowship?

The Conference will bring together people from different communities, institutions and countries to share experiences such as:
– how they remained connected to their home country,
– how they draw knowledge, experience and strength from their home country,
– how they are reinvest their enriched knowledge and experience into their home country?
In terms of cooperation, we’re particularly interested in discussing:
– your forms of cooperation,
– who encourages and promotes cooperation,
– what does the cooperation consist of,
– how does the content relate to your new knowledge acquired abroad,
– what are the effects of cooperation on you personally, for your host country and for your home country?
Whilst there may be incentives to return to your home country, some obstacles may be in your way, limiting your ability to bring knowledge back home. To help overcome these barriers we want to hear your ideas, interests, needs, successes, problems, challenges and suggestions for solutions at all levels (i.e., institutional, regional, national, EU).


We invite all former and current MSCA fellows and stakeholders in any country to be part of the MSCA Conference 2021. The Conference will take place under the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
This is an open call for former and current MSCA researchers and stakeholders from all fields of research to submit their personal stories.
To assist your drafting, we recommend all former and current MSCA fellows fill in the MSCA survey on the Conference webpage for inspiration of the different dimensions of MSCA mobility flows.


  1. Send us your personal or institutional story in writing, not exceeding two A4 pages (approx. 1.000 words). You are free to use any format, graphs and pictures, but it must be submitted in English.
  2. Applicants are also invited to send a 1 minute video (in English), in which you briefly share your personal (or institutional) story and address the topic of the Conference (unbalanced mobility flows and reintegration). In order to record a high quality video, the recording device should be placed on a flat surface, facing away from the sun or any light source. The video must be recorded in landscape mode.
  3. With your submission (and potential video) please include a half page CV. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will accept written contributions under a pseudonym.
  4. Send your personal story by 7 November 2021 to:


All stories will be published on the website of the MSCA Conference.

Stories will be judged by the project team and winning authors will be invited to present their experience at the Conference.

The best video contributions will be shared on social media before the Conference, to promote the event and the MSCA fellowship.


For any questions regarding the Open Call for MSCA Stories please contact the organizers:

Gita Zadnikar and Stojan Sorčan

+386 (0)1 478 47 27